• It Starts Here

    The engine is revved . . . . The tank is full . . . . Systems are checked . . . . The track is ready and waiting . . . .
    . . . . for you,  The Starting Spark.

    On the line?  Opportunity. If you’re ready to seize the moment, in a different sort of venture, we’re seeking key individuals ready to take the upside potential, and ignite it.

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  • Some people say “I wish I could invent __________.

    We already did.

    We have a long list of products ready for the winner’s circle; things with opportunity written all over them, and we ask  “When will they launch?

    The time is now. After years of creating for others, it’s time to pivot.  The potential is just too good to stay parked.

    This is your chance to jump in, buckle up, and rev the engine.

  • We have vetted several fascinating  “This needs to be invented”  concepts.  The short list has opportunities from consumer products to industrial needs; from public safety to playful concepts.  This is the fuel.

    Ready To Ignite.

    As I’ve worked with inventors over the years, there are 2 spinning truths that hit over and over . . .

    1. The best ideas are refined by multiple sources. That means collaborative input is required.
    2. One component, does not make a company. Meaning it’s vital to have fuel in the tank.

    Our tank is full, and the short list has amazing upside potential.  These are ready to race; so come join the crew.

  • View the ongoing slide show.  These images are a small sample of hundreds of creative projects we’ve done — and the expertise that accomplished them.

    Proven Capability

    With more than 50 patents already, Eldon (the engine) has the depth of experience to power the development team through innovation to complete solutions while avoiding the potholes.  His horsepower is sufficient to ignite the crew and plot the course to victory circle.

    The missing pieces? To complete the crew, we are actively seeking individuals with a vision, a business mind, marketing expertise, and capital to bring the projects through.

  • Our road map is not yet complete.  We’re waiting for you. Initial direction will depend, in part, on how you see the potential, where your expertise lies, and what lights your fire.

    Building the road map is a TEAM effort, so if you’re up for collaboration, navigation starts with the first turn.

    Been There, Done That

    Though the final course is waiting, we’ve been down these roads a number of times, so we know where the potholes are, and we’re ready to race.  Together, we’ll find that finish line.

  • The team will consist of those from Synthesis, plus the capital provider, and drivers with business acumen to navigate and magnify the opportunities.  Other talent will be gathered as needed.  The Synthesis paradigm has always been to know where and how to connect needed pieces of the puzzle.

    One more truth:

    1. No matter how good the idea, if you can’t get it to THE market, it won’t sell. Business and marketing expertise are required.

    The key piece for ignition is you, The Starting Spark.

  • The classic approach is to tinker in the garage, in the twilight of the evening. For this trip, that won’t be sufficient. We’ve done that and it ends up taking a back seat to paying customers.  No, this must be prime time.

    Furthermore, some of our greatest opportunities appear to have step-function launches. We need capital ready to hit those incremental milestones; otherwise, we’ll flame-out on the starting block.

    In conclusion, we’ve been around the block enough to know it takes skill on the business side, not just genius in development.  We need to fill those holes, avoid pit stops, and be Sparked for Success.

  • As with all ventures, where there is opportunity, there is risk. We don’t know what the weather will bring, yet we have a well equipped vehicle ready to go.

    Mitigating Risk

    We’ve done the practice laps, the fuel tank is full, and we know the road. We’re experienced in doing exactly this.  The difference?  This time it’s for our team, and you’re invited.

    The Greatest Risk is to do nothing.

    Jump in, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s take the ride of our life — to victory circle and the trophy.

  • Of Course ! How can such a presentation be made without a good look at the fuel?

    Sorry, That’s in the Tank.

    Those interested in details of the opportunity are welcome to connect and discuss them further.  If you’re qualified to climb aboard, let’s talk.  We are happy to share details of the road map and to discuss your role with the crew.

    With you, we can fire on all cylinders, all the way to the finish line.

  • For more information, please contact the Engine:

    By Phone:  719-380-1122
    By Email:  via the Contact Us Page

    Business Plan and Documentation Upon Request.

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    by Synthesis Engineering Services, Inc.